Why Do Arizona Investors Use The Equity Finders?

It’s this simple…

We give you an unfair advantage by finding Arizona real estate investment properties located in transition areas months in advance, thereby giving you the edge. When you buy early in these areas, you will see the values of the properties you own appreciate quicker than in other areas that are not in transition.


Arizona Real Estate Transition AreasWhat are Transition Areas?

Transition areas are pocket areas where remodeling contractors have started doing fix & flips. When re-modelers are flipping homes in an area, it starts accelerating the values of all properties in that area.

And once again, when you buy early in these areas, you will see the values of your properties appreciate quicker!


Arizona Real Estate Investment ComparablesHow Do We Find Transition Areas?

  • We find them by comping over 350 newly listed properties every day. Plus, we re-comp over 30,000 listed properties every week in 3 different ways.


  • When all 3 comps are solid, we manually view the property to determine if it is a good fix and flip or would be best used as a rent and hold. All of Our comps are based on the best 3 adjusted comps within a half mile of the subject property.


  • All of the properties we send you include a CMA “Comparable Market Analysis“, Our exclusive Smart Map, and a breakdown showing potential profits & estimated repair cost based on the age and condition of the property.


By watching our Investor’s Smart Map Video You will see first hand how we make it easy for you to locate and research real estate investment properties in order for you to make informed and intelligent buying decisions.

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